Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lets get catty........with LINERS!

Also known as winged liners, catty eye is a look every woman should try. Old school you might say, not until you read this post fully. As overstated as it may look, it is actually very easy to conquer. Originally worn by the arabs, the catty eye has emerged over the years to be one of make-ups most dramatic way of accentuating the eye. It is such a versatile look that can be worn to work, school, offices and even red carpets. Without a video tutorial, i'll do my best to explain how to master the art.

One thing to love about the catty eye is that with just a few strokes of liners, your eye automatically pops going from sloppy to super bulgy, sexy and dramatic. So ladies, you don't need to spend a lot of extra cash in getting those expensive make-up items, the only thing you need is a liner (cream, liquid or pencil).

My recommendation - To get a perfect catty eye, please use ONLY a liquid, cream liner or a roller pencil (as shown below). They are all readily available in the market and i think any brand of your choice would do. Personally i use cover girl tho. 


This is because the tips are well designed especially for this look. They are very thin thereby making it super easy to draw the line across.

Two most international celebrities infamous for the catty eye are Megan Good and Dita Von Teese.


Both known for their catty eye signature looks,  other gorgeous women such as Lauren Conrad, Angelina Jolie, Emily Blunt, Solange Knowles and the legendary Elizabeth Tailor (she indeed made the look what it is today through her movie Cleo Patra) are also frequent spotters of the look. Below are someways the catty eye can be worn

Keeping it sweet


With this, you keep every other thing neutral except the eye. You either make it it thicker up leaving the bottom bare or drawing the line a little longer.

Wild n sexy


Go Bold by also accentuating the bottom water line or keep it bare and jazz it up with a bright hue lipstick.

Pop off color


Be careful tho, when doing the catty liner with a colored pencil, make sure you choose the shade that compliments your eye ( i wrote about working your eye color in the past here Perfect eye shade). Not unless your are working on a creative art, do not get too adventurous with this. If you are Creative/artistic, this is a magical approach



Most suitable for photography and musical video's. You guy's remenber Katty Perry's ET Video? Yeah!

What you can do with the catty eye is can go from the traditional black to adding an extra pop of color or go artistic. 

Can you believe there are over 40 ways to wear the catty eye? See image below............i keep seeing Beyonces eyes tho. lol are you too??? heheheheheh!!

Here is a step by step picture tutorial to guide you

Please Ensure that your brows are properly tweezed and avoid dark circles around the eye - use a concealer. I'll be writing on both very soon.

Hope you enjoyed. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it at first, as they say - practice makes perfect. Besides, its just make-up right, so have fun. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions, tweet at me @soladunn or send me an email. It is one of my most favorite makeup routine, here's me doing the catty too. lol!

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  1. I wil try dis out jst am nt so gud whn it comes to make up.My finishin is nt always perfect

  2. Lol@ you keep seeing beyounces eyes. I actually do too. I love the cat eyes. Dats my everyday make up!

  3. Thanks 4 we need a complete illustration 2 a smokey eye. Love ur blog.

  4. Hi Sola,

    can you do a post on personal eye brow grooming. I'm so scared to using a tweezer/razor by myself