Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fabulously spotted.......Lala Anthony!!!

I love me some Lala Anthony anytime anyway not just for her super sexy bulgy eyes but shes also got some style game going on for herself. Maybe not too out there but we can't argue the fact that her style is quite street chic. Check her out this hot 'get it girl' sleeveless Tee by 3.1 phillip Lim paired with white denim, burgundy Hermes handbag and over-sized hoop earrings #HAWT!!!. See other celebs rocking the exact same tee

I love when chicks wear sleeves Tee's. It just exudes this rock, chic yet very sexy look. Check out Selena Gomez and Cassie

The sexy 3.1 Phillip Lim 'get it girl' chiffon Tee is available here for just $175 (N28,000)

BTW, who do you think rocked it best - Lala Anthony, Selena Gomez or Cassie?

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  1. 10/10... I prefer hers to that of the other celebs! And she is soo cute!

  2. LaLaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Lala anthony n cassie for me.

  4. Lala did it for me. Mz cyndy

  5. Lala Anthony wore it best!!! Looks so good on her *muuaah*

  6. marigold couture16 June 2013 at 12:58

    Lala got it going but for the lovers of edginess its Cassie geh!