Monday, 10 June 2013

Fabulously spotted.............Beyonce and Kim Kardashian!


Sorry i've been unable to update the blog for a while guys, i've been as sick as a cow for the past couple of days but am much better now. Now, lets play catch up, Lol! Check out Beyonce further slamming down pregnancy rumors - she wore this sexy monochrome cropped top and high waist fitted skirt by TopShop a few days ago while attending Kanye's birthday. I think she looks fabulous. And on the right is the 'now dressing comfy' mama Kim Kardashian. She was spotted in this preggers appropriate outfit....Thoughts?

Shhhhhhhh guys, i heart when celebs wear affordable and accessible fashion, can you believe that Beyonce's Top and skirt cost just $72 (N11,520)., Yeah. To it directly online from TopShop click here 


I love Kikky's look here as well. See kim, you can still be your stylish self and also protect your baby. Lol!

Your thoughts guys!

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  1. Sola darlyn,sorry abt Ur ill health.tank goodness u r back bcos I was almost goin crazy nt seeing any update on Ur blog. Dnt mind sum lazy pple lyk me who hardly comment on posts,jst want 2 say u r doin a gud job nd kip it up.

  2. Yaaaay sola is back*Dancing Azonto* ThankGod ur fine now and I'm happy..yea they both look super cute..I love sola lol*no homo* wink

  3. good 2 hear u r feeling much better d two looks esp Kim dat has changed 2 a more comfy maternity wears.

  4. Thanks so much you got me giggling in front of my computer . Lol..........much love, xoxo

  5. I don't know why I am not friendly with my keyboard to always comment on dis blog. I smile whenever I go through dis blog. Sola is so on point and well grounded in fashion. *thumbs up*. Thank God u overpowered the illness. Missed u. *Ezinne*

  6. Honey boo boo of life so glad u ok, was wondering too am so glad u ok, pele shey o gbo*kisses*btw soladunn am waiting for ur pictures on dis blog ooooooo#someone please support me# do u wanna share contact??? I dnt av much of naija fwends#sadface#luv yah biggibiggi#nohomo

    1. Adebimpe, you and your size 4 pants from Zara....issokay, No qualms! Lol! xoxo

  7. Sorry! Thank God ur much better now.

  8. marigold couture11 June 2013 at 00:33

    Sorry dear so soorry about your hEalth...hapi ur recuperating and back!Bey and Kim both look gorgeous.

  9. welcome back dere was wondring were u went ...glad ure ok now....

  10. happy ur back