Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sean Tizzle and Davido.......Brothers or look alikes???

So, okay.........i've been really feeling the latest and newest Hip-Hop sensation around now 'Sean Tizzle' and his hit track 'Shole' but thing is tho, the more i watch the video, the more i see Davido. From their styles, to their voices and even physique, both are just too identical. Do you guys feel the same way? Check out a few comparisons below, Sean Tizzle one the left while Davido is on the right.

Both rocking in shades

Both love denim and kicks

both are young and sexy white tee's

 I guess they both love their tanks and blings too hey. hehehehehehe!

What do you think guys??? Do you see what i! 

Are they related or just look alikes???  plus who do you think is got more swag. We are talking style and not success/popularity o...........

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  1. Yea They look alike but Davido is much cute than him..Me likey the Dimples on Davido

  2. Personally I don't even see the resemblance like that but still Davido has more swag than the oversize wearing Sean Tizzle

  3. I don't really see any resemblance in them. Davido is finer though!

  4. The resemblance is there.when I first saw d shole video I thought it was Davido.

  5. Love davido's eyebrow

  6. I love davido' swag,I want to know if they are brothers

  7. They really look alike and also have the swag

  8. They look like brother maybe davido father born this one outside

  9. Tah this one is Even small Just what will yOu all say when you see Emzy he is pure sean Tizzle