Saturday, 1 June 2013

would you wear YELLOW lipsticks ladies???

Yeah yeah, quite a few of us weren't a fan of Jlo's awkward stage outfit from yesterday but that doesn't stop us from loving the bootilicious Jenifer Lopez now does it - lol! and oh, unlike her 'elmo' outfit this is one trend i think is worth following, only if you have the heart tho. Its the yellow lipstick ladies (plus loved the way she matched it with her nail polish). I got this image from her latest single 'live it up' ft pitbull, amazing joint BTW!

If someone had told me yellow lipstick was ever something i might consider wearing, i would have told said out-rightly  lady gaga might as well be Nigerian then, Lol! However as dramatic and overstated as it sounds, its something i think is worth trying

They were kinda huge in 2009/2010 and now, i guess its making a comeback all thanks to jlo. Maybe not for an every outing but take a look at theses gorgeous women rocking in it, not so bad now is it?

Am yet to try it personally but the little research i've made, funny enough it works great with various skin tones but ofcos you have to be mindful of the particular shade you go also thinking one might need a makeup shimmer to pull this off too

Photography by Gavin O Neill

my recommendation - as i'll always advice, if you are trying out an 'out there' or bold makeup for the first time, make sure you go subtle with other areas of your face i.e eyes, cheeks..........and please try it a couple of times indoor - don't be shy to ask people around you before taking a huge plunge cos i tell you, this is quite a risky one o.

Am still on the search to finding brands and different shades to the rather uncommon hue but when i do, ofcos you know how we do it here, i'l' bring you the exclusive. Lol! but before then what are your thoughts on it. Would you dare to wear a yellow lipstick ladies???

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  1. Hell to tha no!!!! Looks so ratchet! Only combination I like is J'lo's and the last girl

  2. Am not a lipstick person i always prefer lip gloss.Anyway,i think it only works for the light skinned.I like Jlo's look anyway

  3. Lol its a big risk dou but I might consider trying it..hope I don't get to look scary

  4. i think i will go 4 it since m a light skin

  5. I'm not a fan of yellow lipstick but it looks good on some people

  6. Dont try using a yellow lipstick if ur skin isnt bright and flawless.

  7. Nah! It's not working for me

    Lets talk bags at

  8. Yellow lipstick doesn't go with pale skin, I would definitely wear yellow lipstick, it looks so sexy on jlo ;)