Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hair trend to try...........The boxed braids BUN!

One of favorite looks of all time - the boxed braids 'bun' Lol! Well, we all know braids have been around for quite a while now but the latest interpretation or rather approach is the bun. Celebrities that has made the hairdo most infamous include Brandy, Janet Jackson and entertainment sisters Beyonce and Solange. So, i wanna know or better still see how you've been knotting your boxed braids recently. See pictures as inspired by fashionistas globally

I personally love them when they are messy and not too defined. You know, it make effortless look very sexy. Do you ladies know how to use a socks to knot a bun? I'll let you in on my post coming up soon okay *winks*

I tweeted a picture of myself once and someone responded 'i can't start to imagine how uncomfortable that is', Lol! I wear braids a lot (cos i could be quite lazy when it comes to hair) and my secret - i never wear them more than 6 weeks so as not to damage my hairline and i use konekolon extensions cos they are super light (trust me, i love my comfort and will never compromise 0), Lol!

So have been rocking and if not are you willing to give it a try? Lets have your thoughts.

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